Dangerous Roadway for an Illinois Cyclist

Illinois cyclists had their lives changed in an instant when hit by a careless motorist, with a reputation for poor driving. The cyclists were in the process of preparing for various 2016 cycling competitions prior to having their dreams and health shattered in this tragic accident.

The driver claimed that he was not at fault for the terrible accident. His shady lawyer used the defense that a “ghost car” was swerving in and out of traffic causing him to swerve into the unknowing cyclist. A “ghost driver” is allegedly a vehicle that no one sees but the driver that causes horrific accidents, due to their dangerous driving. Following the accident, the mysterious car disappears.

This is not the first time that the ridiculous ghost vehicle defense has been used in Illinois. A defendant used the defense, following an accident involving two cyclists. A previous accident occurred on a well-traveled road in the suburbs of Chicago. Two witnesses at the scene of the accident did not see a second “ghost car” that was recklessly driving and the police office was quoted saying that there was “not credible evidence” supporting the outlandish claims of the driver charged in the accident. This mythical car is a poor defense

In the case of the newest Illinois cycling victims, the evidence was overwhelmingly on their side.  This diligent bicycle accident attorney did a thorough investigation, in order to serve the rights of their clients for proper compensation and justice.  The defendant’s lawyer and insurance company attempted to fight the charges. When it became clear that the client was, without a doubt, guilty of the charges, they went to an age old insurance defense tactic known as the “three “Ds: Deny, Delay, and Don’t Pay.” This ludicrous tactic allows them to delay paying the victim or in some rare cases avoid payment at all. A good lawyer who specializes in bicycle law is aware of these preposterous underhanded methods of defense or delays in payment. The best in this area are JohnBales.com.

After discovering that the reckless driver had six previous traffic violation within a period of five year, as well as the severity of the injuries, the original case was dropped for a misdemeanor charge and extreme driver misconduct. Shortly after, felony traffic charges were substituted for the original lawsuit. This came after an investigation by their bicycle accident attorney in collaboration with the local police.

According to the Illinois law, “The improper lane change by this motorist on a state roadway violated Section 11-709 of the Illinois Vehicle Code.  As evidenced by this collision in August of 2015, there was no dispute that it was unsafe for this motorist to move his vehicle from the left lane of Illinois Route 120 to the right lane and directly into the path of the cyclist himself and his bicycle, striking him and causing serious personal injuries.”

Under this law, it is clear to see that motorists and cyclists have the same right and standards while traveling on the roadways. As cyclists, you have the right to safety on road ways. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a bicycle accident, big or small, contact a bicycle accident attorney to ensure that you are getting the justice and financial payout that you deserve. Those medical bills add up quick! These specialized lawyers can ensure that the responsible party pays for their irresponsibility.




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